The fall season is the season where trees are giving people unique characteristics that are worth capturing, especially its leaves.  As the summer season gradually changes to fall, there is shorter daytime, which means that the sunlight is not enough to provide chlorophyll to plants. During the fall season, the green color of the leaves will eventually fade and commonly change into yellow, red, and oranges. In this manner, trees are giving as exquisite looks. But do you have any idea why this scenario happens? Or did you know that trimming your trees before or during the winter season is beneficial to you as homeowners? If no, then this article from our company tree trimming Mesquite  will surely help you. Our company is also beyond ready to give a hand to you in terms of trimming your trees any time of the year! 


We could not deny the fact that once in our life; we asked ourselves why do leaves change their color in the fall? We are interested to know the reason behind these amazing and unique happenings on the leaves that only happens during the fall season.  

Did you know that the color of the leaves is due to different pigments such as chlorophyllxanthophyll, carotenoids, and anthocyanin? The chlorophyll is responsible for making the leaves green in color. This pigment is needed for the process of photosynthesis that sunlight is the most important factor. However, during the fall season, there is a short period of the day that results in lesser sunlight.  In this manner, the leave`s color will slowly change into different colors. Have you observed yellow leaves during the fall season? If yes, then the xanthophyll pigment is responsible for its color. The carotenoid pigment, on the other hand,  will cause the orange color on the leaves and the anthocyanin pigment will cause red color.  

Furthermore, this situation of the leaves occurs because it is preparing itself for the winter season. Also, weather plays a vital role in this situation, and everything that includes the trees will cope with its changes from time to time.  

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