What Would You Have Gained By Using Another Approach?

As we have discussed extensively, there are various research methods that you can undertake for your PhD paper. Every method has their pros and cons, however some methods are more effective for the type of research you are conducting. I had to make a tough choice myself, having to choose from many different methodologies that were available to me. In this article, I will give you an insight into how different methodologies can provide different approaches and results, but analyzing what I would have gained by using another method to conduct my research.


The type of method that I chose to go with was a qualitative methodology. This means that my method primarily involved surveying people and trying to understand their feelings. This is in direct contrast to employing a qualitative method, which would have been based more on numbers and analyzing data.

What I would have gained through a qualitative method is that I would have more grounded results in numbers, and the ability to analyze these numbers in the context of the effects of social media on young people. However, it would have been difficult to understand how people due to the usage of social media through a qualitative method. This is the main reason why I decided to go with a quantitative method in the end.


The main way in which I attained my results was through conducting surveys. These surveys provided me with answers on many things such as the social media usage of young people, and their feelings when interacting with people in person.

I could have employed a different methodology that would have involved looking at more statistics of social media usage through social media platforms, and analyzing these statistics to draw conclusions about the effects of social media.

Yet, this method would have been highly impersonal due to the fact that I would not be able to know how young people feel when interacting in person and their feelings towards social media.

Research Helper

One of the ways in which I gained the necessary insight into all the methodologies available to me was through the help of a research assistant. There are many that you can find online, and they are all fully professional. I owe a lot of my success and the ability to complete my research to a high standard to the help that I received from my research helper. The best way to acquire one is through a writing agency.

Alternative methodologies can provide you with many benefits as well, and that is the reason why you should take all your options into consideration when deciding what methodology you will be employing during the course of your research.