What were the alternatives to this methodology?

Choosing the correct methodology for your paper can be a tricky process. Therefore, it is a good idea to be aware of all the possible choices you have and all the pros and cons associated with each method. When I was composing my proposal for my research, I also had the choice to choose from a number of various research methods. In this article, I will discuss the how I made the choice of choosing my method and what the alternatives were.


There are three main types of methodologies for students to choose from. There is a qualitative and quantitative methodology and then there is a mixture of the two. The type of methodology you choose will heavily depend on the subject you are undertaking your research in.

It is generally accepted that for scientific subjects, you will be employing a qualitative methodology for your research. However, there is more flexibility for students of social science subjects. They have a choice of choosing a purely quantitative method or a mixture of both. Most research papers produced in social science subjects nowadays employ a mixture of the two.


As previously mentioned, it is a good idea to consider all possible methodologies you can employ when you are planning your proposal. The reason for this is the fact that the methodology you choose makes a big impact on the decision of whether or not you will receive funding for your research.

To recap, I used a quantitative methodology for my sociology paper on the effects of social media on younger people. My methodology was quantitative due to the fact that I conducted a survey that, amongst a number of things, asked for the social media habits of the participants. Moreover, some of the participant’s social media usage was also monitored.

There were many other alternatives for this methodology. I could have gone for a more mixed methodology by incorporating more qualitative methods. However, I was most comfortable with the methodology I chose and thought that it would give me the best and most accurate results; my supervisor also agreed with this assertion.

Methodology Help

If you are stuck about which methodology to choose, it can be a wise idea to hire a research helper online. Most helpers are fully professional and have many years of experience assisting other PhD students with their projects. With the right helper, you will be able to see the benefits of each methodology and know which ones will give you the most accurate results.

Your methodology is vital to the success of your research. It is for this reason that you should not take the step of choosing your methodology lightly as it will greatly determine your success.