What Are The Most Recent Major Developments In Your Area?

My area of expertise is in sociology. In particular, my thesis research focused on the impact that social media has had on younger people. The reason why it was focused on younger people is due to the fact that younger people have grown up with social media, and have had extensive experience of communicating entirely through technology.

I am interested in finding out the effects, both positive and negative, that social media can have on people. My research also sampled older people and their social media habits. This was important since it allowed me to compare the two sets of data and how they differed.

There have been many recent major developments in the area of social media. Firstly, technology is rapidly advancing and there is the question of how social media will look like in the future. If you compare a popular social media platform from a decade ago, like MySpace, it is miles apart in functionality compared to Facebook today.

Privacy is also a huge recent issue. Many social media platform have been caught giving away their user’s information to third parties. This has caused a huge rift amongst social media users, as they do not want their information passed on. The issue of contention here is how much of an effect this will have on social media platforms and whether or not the number of people using them will decrease.

There are many more security concerns in regards to social media. How people use social media to track others is has also been a recent development. There have been many high profile burglaries after burglars have seen someone’s social media and noticed that they have said that they are not at home. This security concern has led to many complaints by social media users, but social media platforms are powerless to stop this.

Finding Developments

It is not easy to find the recent major developments in your area, especially if your research is based on a very technical topic. The best way to learn about recent developments in your area is through an online academic journal.

Many academic subjects have journals where academics can submit literature on that particular topic. Your best bet to find the recent major developments on your topic is through there. You can also try following the news to see whether or not anything has been written about your subject area.

There have been many major developments concerning social media, many of which are centered on privacy and security of social media users. The impact that these issues will have on social media usage remains to be seen, as there have been many outcries from social media users to stop these major issues.