What Do You Know About The History Of Your Subject?

My thesis research topic is based on the impact of social media on younger people, in particular, millennials. This has been a topic of much discussion in the media, as social media has been blamed for a plethora of problems amongst teenagers and younger people.

Although I believe that there are many negative side effects to extensive social media usage, I also think that there are many positives to social media that are often overlooked in the way of sensationalism.


Social media is a very recent invention, with it really taking off only a few years ago. In its short lifespan, many different social media platforms have risen and fallen. The most popular of these, by far, is Facebook, which competed with many other social media giants of its time.

Social media was originally intended to be a way to keep in close contact with people at a long distance from the user. However, in time, it has become one of the main ways in which young people communicate nowadays.


One of the main aims of my research was to evaluate the effects of social media on young people. Social media is sometimes misunderstood and many social ills are wrongly assigned to it.

However, without a doubt, one of the main disadvantages of social media usage is the fact that it impairs the user’s ability to converse in person. My research has shown that those who use social media extensively have a hard time conversing with someone in real life. Many reasons have been given for this through science.


There are also many advantages to using social media. Firstly, it allows you to be better connected with your friends and family. You can be a part of their lives even if you live a long distance away.

Another advantage to social media, which is seen through my research, is the fact that it boosts people’s confidence. This boost of confidence can greatly improve someone’s mood and outlook on life.

Help With History

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Learning about the history of social media and why it was launched gave me a better perspective on my topic, and helped me to conduct and write my research in a better way. Hiring a thesis writer to learn more about the history of a topic is a good idea.