Why Did You Use This Research Methodology? What Did You Gain From It?

There are two main types of research methodologies that students apply when conducting their PhD research: qualitative research and quantitative research. Both research methodologies have their merits, however, which one you choose to use will heavily depend on the subject that you are pursuing research in.

In general, quantitative research is used in science subjects and quantitative research is used in social science subjects. As I am doing my research within the field of sociology, I employed a qualitative research methodology to attain my results.


The main reason for why I applied a qualitative method to my methodology is because it gives the most accurate results for a subject such as sociology. It allows me to take down people’s opinions towards a subject and to analyze the feelings of the participants in my research. This would not be possible if I decided to use a quantitative research method.

For my methodology, I used two main sample groups. The first group was young adults, mainly millennials, who have grown up being surrounded by social media. This was an important distinction to make, since I want to see the effect that early exposure of social media can have to the development of young people.

Within this sample group, I also included younger people who grew up without much social media usage. This was to ensure that I could compare the results within the same age group for people who grew up with and without social media.

The second main participant group was older people who grew up in a time without any social media. This was needed to analyze the true effects that social media has had on society and people’s ability to communicate in person.

Both participant groups were surveyed on their social media habits. These were important and the primary way of attaining my results. They were not only quizzed on their social media habits but also on their communication skills and their feelings in regards to the effects social media has had on them.

To ensure that the answers given on the survey were correct, a further group was chosen who agreed to have their social media monitored for the purpose of this research. This was a necessary step to ensure that the answers given on the survey could be trusted. As it turned out, those who volunteered to have their social media usage monitored were found to have answered accurately on the survey. Thus, the survey as a whole can be trusted.

The methodology is extremely important in ensuring that your research is rigorous and trustworthy. Ensure that you know which method to choose between a quantitative and qualitative methodology. Also ensure that your methodology results can be verified.