How Did Your Research Questions Emerge?

Being a sociology major in college, and having a big interest in the development of technology, the research questions address in my thesis arose naturally. I am fascinated with how preoccupied everyone was with their smartphones in college, and was always interested in the potential impact they could have on humans.

It is due to this that my thesis paper is centered around social media and its effect on younger people. The reason why my research focuses on younger people is due to the fact that I know everyone my age has grown up with technology being an integral part of their lives.

Smartphones arose in popularity just as my age group, the millennials, came into prominence. This is a large reason for why millennials have used social media to communicate for most of their teenage years. It is interesting to see how smartphones and social media usage are linked together. Smartphones have enabled people to communicate through social media no matter where they are located in the world.

I also believe that social media has received a bad reputation by the media and society, and incorrectly blamed for many things it has had no role in. It seems that any time a young person does anything bad, social media is blamed. There is no doubt, and my research shows, that social media has many bad effects, but to blame everything on social media is not right.

Writing Thesis

Writing a thesis can be strenuous work for anyone. Thus, it is well advised that you make a thorough plan so you know every step you will be taking when carrying out your research.

Your plan can act as a blueprint that you can refer back to when carrying out your research. Planning should also include scheduling to ensure that you do not submit your research past the deadline date.


To fully appreciate how your research questions emerge, you should carry out rigorous research on your topic. The best way to do this is to read the existing literature focused on your subject.

The best way to find the best literature about your topic is through your university or local library. They will have all the relevant textbooks pertaining to your subject. There are many online avenues that you can also try. For example, you can visit an online academic journal devoted to your topic. Academic journals usually have a large archive of past research and also all the latest developments.

My research questions emerged due to a passion for both sociology and modern technology. Seeing everyone around me in college relying so heavily on smartphones was one of the major reasons for why I pursued my thesis research in my topic.