What Were The Crucial Research Decisions You Made?

When undertaking thesis research, you need to take many crucial research decisions. My thesis research included many decisions that I needed to make, which I will discuss in this article. As you may know, my thesis was based on sociology. I undertook research on the effect of social media on young people.

The reason why my research was focused on younger people was due to the fact that younger people have grown in an environment where social media use is very prolific amongst their peers. I have also seen that social media has wrongfully been blamed for many social ills, such as antisocial behaviour. Most of these claims are entirely unfounded on any evidence.

What I wanted to see through my research is exactly how much of an impact social media has had on people who have grown up in an environment surrounded by social media.

Crucial Decisions

There are many crucial decisions I had to undertake when carrying out my research. Firstly, I wanted to sample more older people in my research. Older people were first included as they could be a good comparison point for me. However, due to time constraints I could not sample as much older people as young ones or, if I did, then I would have to sample fewer younger people. Since my research focuses on the impact of social media on younger people, I made the decision to not sample as many people from older age groups.

Another hard decision that I had to make was whether or not the answers to surveys that people gave needed further investigation. Of course, in a survey, anyone can write whatever they feel like writing, and there is no way to confirm any answers. Thus, the decision was made to select a further group of volunteers who were willing to have their social media habits monitored and recorded. This was a good decision as it allowed me to confirm the results of the survey that was conducted.

Writing Help

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There were many crucial decisions that had to be made during the course of my research. Without the help of an experienced online writer, it would not have been possible to make all the right decisions that were so instrumental to my research being so well received at my university’s faculty.