A top-notch tutorial on easy dissertation writing

Dissertation writing can seem like a daunting task, and you would not be blamed for thinking as such. It is not unheard of thesis papers to reach upwards of 100,00 words, and the highly specialized knowledge required for success can be extremely taxing on the mind. There are a few fundamentals and basics that, if done correctly, can greatly assist in alleviating any stress that you be experiencing in regards to your writing.



This is perhaps the most important part of making your writing easier for you. Choosing the right topic can make or break your resolve when writing your paper. Make sure to choose a topic that has a plethora of literature and research pertaining to it. If you choose an obscure field to write about then the current literature will be sparse and you will be left with not much to talk about during the course of your work. However if you choose a topic with a lot of discussion regarding it in the academic community, then it will make your life much easier.

Also you need to ensure that the topic you choose is one that has your genuine interest. If you choose something that does not at the very least pique your interest, then this will be reflected in your writing. You do not want to write a paper on something that does not genuinely interest you. If you need a professional dissertation assistance, you can contact experts from 123writings.com, a professional dissertati on writing service, and ask all your questions.


Due to the freedoms granted to you during your university, there is generally no specific end date for your work. Sometimes there may be a general deadline such as it being due on a certain month. This is the main reason why sometimes people take forever to complete their dissertations. Your goal is to create your own schedule and to stick with it. Find a deadline date by which you aim to complete your whole work, and then earmark certain dates in your calendar by which you expect to complete specific sections of your paper.

Following and sticking to a rigorous schedule will make your life much easier and will give you some structure to conform to. You will also be on top of your work and know which sections you have finished and which sections you still have left. It will get rid of unnecessary administrative work, which comes with writing your paper, and that costs time.


Your paper should be structure and easy to follow. You do not want your professors confused and your work all over the place. A good structure to your paper will boost your marks and is very important. The following is the typical structure:

  • Introduction: This is where you give a brief overview to your audience about what you will be talking about.
  • Literature Review: Here you give a rundown of the current literature on your topic.
  • Methodology: In this section you write what methods you used to dervice your results, as well an analysis on them.
  • Results: You write the results that you found and analyze them and their possible impact.
  • Conclusion: This is a brief summary of everything you have talked about in your work. Reiterate your main findings and explain why they are important.

As you can see a large part of making your life easier when writing your thesis is to do with proper scheduling and bringing structure your life and writing. A large of writing a successful paper is mentality and if you have the right mentality you will be very successful. Following this tutorial should help in coping with the stress of writing a dissertation.