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What Does "Dick" Mean?


A boy has recently heard some new words from a senior student. He is very curious to know the real meaning of those words.

One day, he enters a bar hoping to get his answers, and asks a man, "Do you know the meaning of 'dick'?"

The man hesitates to tell the boy the real meaning as he does not want to be responsible for spoiling the boy.

He answers, "Of course I do, It means an umbrella!"

The boy then asks the man, "What does 'f*ck' mean?"

The man decides not to tell him this one too. He replies, "It means to go to office!"

The boy asks his last question, "What do 'bra' and 'panties' mean?"

The man cunningly replies, "They mean book and copies!"

One stormy day, his elder sister's tutor comes the house. The boy opens the door. He looks at the tutor's umbrella and Says, "Oh no! Your dick has got a puncture on it and is leaking! Give it to me, I'll put it in the corner."

The tutor gets terribly angry and says, "WHAT! Where are your parents?"

The boy replies, "They have gone to f*ck."

The tutor is bewildered. He asks, "Ok, where is your sister?"

He replies, "She’s opened her bra and panties and is waiting for you!"


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