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The Tent Pole Is Up

No Luck With The Ladies

Emotional Dressing

The Things They Kiss

Haircuts & Tootsie Rolls

Optimistic Hookers

The Things They Promised

Dentists, Miners & Postmen

Someone's Coming

Guilty & Depressed

Really Cheap Hooker

Wanna Watch?

Three Tough Mice

Her Crotch Hurts

Think Life Is Bad?

Her Hand In Marriage

The Queen's So Sorry

Doing Stupid Things

What Perfect Headlights

Hooker Generations

The Amazon & The Midget

How Many Women?

Her Cat Died

Social Security Sex

The Lover Husbands

Animal Husbandry

Wifey's Heart Attack

Happy Birthday

The Wheelbarrow Position

Gramp's Hard Pecker

He Had Gonorrhea

A Stuttering Problem

The Way We Used To...

Change Positions!

Adam's First Time

Name Of Our Baby

A Ton Of Dynamite

Poor Kids' Toys

Shagging Your Mum

Testing The Aged

So Many Nurses

Two Black Eyes

What A Boy Wants

A Roll In The Hay

Cosmetic Surgery

It Just Kept Growing

Olympic Condoms

300% Impotent

Naughty Birthday Present

Year Of Indulgence

Making Babies

Where's My Coffee?

Gotta Go Potty

Sunday Morning Nookie

Right In The Groove

Our Most Expensive Lady

The Horny Salesman

Get My Sneakers

Play Your Trombone

What the Bull Is Doing

Queers & Rears

What His Wife Needs

Hands Under Her Skirt

Scrubbing His Weiner

They Changed His Sex

A Rotten Old Thing

Feet In The Stirrups

Startling Yourself

Don't Mess With Texas

The $20 Hooker

Continental Girls

Boys Prefer Tampax

Driving To Chicago

The Sexy Model

The Bitch Is In Heat

My Son Has VD

Her Hairy Armpits

May I Buy You A Drink?

The Bigger The Feet...

The Blonde Truck Driver

Very Macho Mice

Just Like Bob

The Horny Gorilla

She's Taking A Pee

Kiss Her & Die

How Much For Sex?

No Birth Control

Dead But Still Horny

Kill My Wife

Bigger Boobies

Mouth To Mouth

You Don't Look Bad

The Sexy Patient

Lots Of Spaghetti

Cute Widdle Wabbits

She's Gonna Jump

His Love Line

Sexy Shorties

Johnny Likes It Raw

Granny's Itchy Puss

She's Come Unhinged

Hiring The Hit Man

Grandpa's Been Unfaithful

Asses & Thumbs

He Puked On My Shirt

The Midget's Wife

That's My Chicken

Bombed At The Nursing Home

Guts & Balls

Sex At Larry's Bar

She's Still Unfaithful

Ring Around My Pecker

The Nun's Horny Wish

Cork Up That Ass

Sleeping At The Best Hotel

Unionized Hookers

Getting Paid For Doing It

I Want To Get Weighed

Inserting His Thumb

The Pachyderm's Peter

Nudist Colony Popularity

Where'd You Do It Last?

I Tried It Once

3 Naughty Limericks

No Panties On

The Morning Erection

That Thing's Worn Out

Redneck Joy-riding

Most Definitely

Thou Shalt Not

Get Her Consent First

Defrosted Waitress

Her Lower Mouth

Nurturing Thieves

Drilled To Death

She Married An Arab

Vegas Nookie

A Screw Or Your Life

I Know The Whole Truth

Biting & Pissing

Nymphos Or Hookers?

Her Expensive Panties

What's Wrong With Her?

Make Her A Baby Brother

I Wanna Black Baby

She's Alive!

Italian Tires

The Teacher's Cleavage

Getting Out Of Sex

The Horny Old Widow

Her Breast Was Out

Disgusting To Watch

Honeymoon Twists!

A Huge Penis!

The Sperm Donor!

Blondie Gets Drunk!

The Penis Reduction!

The Queen's Condoms!

Roses Are Red...

300% Impotent!

Filling Mom's Tank!

The Phallus Explained!

The Stripping Nun!

Having Babies In Japan?

Which Penis Do You Have?!

How Many Inches?!

How Do You Pee?!

More Little Quickies!

Hello, Willy!

The Rude Druggist!

Are You Mr. Gay?!

Finding The Right Guy!

Ancient Chinese Mystery!

The Cruelest Disease!

Why Women Get Cranky!

Take What You Want!

Sex Is Like A Bike!

Strange But True Sex Facts!

Hidden Signs Of Dating!

She Lost Her Dog!

The Best Sex Ever!

Monica Vs. Marilyn!

Michael Jackson Q&A - Part 1!

Michael Jackson Q&A - Part 2!

Michael Jackson Q&A - Part 3!

Michael Jackson Quickies!

The Hypnotist's Mess!

Small Handed Women!

Your Zipper's Down!

The Blind Man Knows All!

Women's Ass Story!

Her Sarcastic Remarks!

Cucumbers Vs. Men!

The Unconscious Redhead!

God, Send Money! 

Born With No Weiner! 

Deluxe Hookers! 

Dirty Football! 

We Sell Everything! 

Bush Family Photos! 

Her Mom Watched! 

What Bird Brings Babies?! 

Her Speech Impediment! 

Men Are Useless Things! 

Grass, Couch Or Bed?! 

What's Your Bra Size?! 

Hot Little Quickies! 

Girls Night Out! 

Pumpkins Vs. Men! 

Nude Outside My Window! 

Want A Drink?! 

Super Spicy Shorties! 

Whip Out Your Wieners! 

She Wants On Top! 

Washington & The Madame! 

Persian Pussy Cats! 

Tattooed Ta-Tas! 

Heal Your Hole! 

A $100 Story! 

He Needs Viagra, Please! 

Bathroom Nookie! 

The Breast Advantage! 

Three Flying Blondes! 

Rise, Caesar, Rise! 

Uses For Vaseline! 

She Was A Rotten Old Thing! 

Blonde Math! 

Blondie's Favorite Finger! 

Doing It Tony's Way! 

The Nun's Underwear! 

The Essence Of Sh*t! 

Hooked On Ebonics! 

Race Car Romance! 

The Texas Baby Boy! 

Who's Colored? 

Four Naughty Nuns! 

Golfing & Pissing! 

Those Cheating Wives! 

Question To Hell! 

Buy The Lady A Drink! 

One Really Fast Woman! 

The Cowboy's A Real Pain! 

The Trooper's Nightstick! 

Wrong Side Of The Bed! 

Do It Like A Doggie! 

Beep, Beep, Grandpa! 

Black Testicles! 

Beauty & The Breast 

Oh So Polite! 

W. Virginia State Quarter! 

Her Sunday School Class! 

Busy Adult Toy Store! 

Glad To Be A Woman! 

A Luscious Recipe! 

What God Isn't! 

Blow It Up! 

Shipwreck Shagging! 

Making You A Brother! 

After The Super Bowl! 

The Baby Doctor 

Don't Commit Adultery! 

Honeymoon Reveal! 

Useless Body Parts! 

The Farmer's Wife! 

Medical Wonders! 

Sexy Dead Man! 

I'm Airsick! 

Dirty Movies! 

His Dickie Died! 

Sexy Elephants! 

Horny Horny Sailors! 

Dirty At The Dentist 

Tarts & Convent Girls! 

A Folding Fottle! 

Sex & Marriage! 

Golf For Virility! 

No Arms! No Legs! 

Rich Old Granny! 

How To Catch A Man! 

How To Get Pregnant! 

Pregnancy 102! 

Grandpa's A Player! 

The Fly Is Dropping! 

The Old Gynecologist! 

No Panties On Stage! 

The Meat's Cheap! 

A Barcelona Bang! 

The Nuns Are Coming! 

The Mermaid's Horny! 

Take A Whiff! 

100 Beautiful Women! 

Stupid Hillbilly Wives! 

Sexual Issues! 

Ma & Pa Get Frisky! 

Bartender's Special! 

That Time Of Month?! 

Good For The Bones! 

A Burning Blonde! 

Religious Brothels?!

Am I Gay?! 

Who's Baby Is It?! 

The Indian's Manure! 

Falling Out Of Bed! 

The Italian Godfather! 

Bats & Balls! 

Where Babies Come From! 

What Did She Swallow?! 

A Bunch Of Bulls! 

Teenage Dating! 

Damn Fine Sermon! 

Lingo For Women! 

Two Big Boobs! 

Don't Sweat Aging! 

A Naughty Costume! 

Cute Little Babies! 

Rules To Live By! 

A Drunken Fondle! 

The Bee-Stung Babe! 

Dad's Dating Rules! 

Playing Doctor! 

Spreading For Flowers! 

Rubbing British Groins! 

Doing It In Japanese! 

The Dirty Talking Dog! 

The Gay Race! 

Sweet Looking Wee-Wee! 

Princess Di In Heaven! 

The Blonde's Flaky Guy! 

The Meanest Animal! 

The Probing Doctor! 

Rename Your Husband! 

The Horse's Thingy! 

His Wife's Grave! 

Camping Nookie! 

Drunken Footsy! 

Expensive Breasts! 

Murphy's Laws Of Whoopie! Pt 1! 

Murphy's Laws Of Whoopie! Pt 2! 

Murphy's Laws Of Whoopie! Pt 3! 

Blondes Aren't Bimbos! 

Hillary Has Crabs! 

Boobs In Church! 

Ice Cubes With Holes! 

Smelly Wood! 

Can You Feel It?! 

The Old Man's Cane! 

Stay-Hard Spray! 


The Rubber Duckie! 

Sexy Ice Cream! 

Asses Riding Trains! 

Stick It In! 

The Body Parts Meeting! 

The Many Sides Of Viagra! 

Little Johnnie's Period! 

Make Me a Virgin! 

Nuns & Tidy Whiteys! 

Do They Have Balls?! 

The Facts Of Life! 

Three Little Questions! 

A Dog's Rule Of Life! 

The Relationship Is Over! 

Oh, The Rejection! 

The Honesty Test! 

The Rejection Letter! 

Naughty Greeting Cards! 

Hunan Hooker! 

Don't Tell The Parents! 

Suzy's Legs! 

A Tough Question! 

The Breast Airline! 

The Nun Has Gas! 

Hell Froze Over! 

It Could Be Worse! 

I Wanna Be Weighed! 

Shagging The Sheep! 

Doing It Like Rabbits! 

Horsey Ride! 

Feel Your Breasts! 

A-Holes & S.O.B.s! 

Gays & Sexy Women! 

Can't Get It Up! 

Dicky Doughnuts! 

Bedroom Troubles! 

Have You Been Unfaithful?! 

I Got Headache! 

How To Be A Real Man! 

Girls Can't Have One! 

Martinis & Heartburn! 

Do You Have Safe Fax?! 

The Ventriloquist Cowboy! 

The Redneck Lincoln! 

Blondes, Nymphos & Hookers! 

Pick Up Anybody! 

Leave It To The Marines! 

The Gauddam Fish! 

Known For What You Do! 

What Kind Of Fart Are You! 

Is That Your Husband?! 

The Yellow Penis! 

Leave It To The French! 

Feeling Up Blind Bunnies! 

Sex With The Mailman! 

Extra Large Condoms! 

Post-Op Sex! 

Tingle Toes! 

Fondle My Kitty! 

Lesbians Of Ill Repute! 

The Male Stripper! 

Screw The Boss! 

Honeymoon Memories! 

He Got GASH! 

Sexy Migraines! 

A Sexual Sofa! 

Thawing Your Meat! 

Home From Prison! 

What's Between Your Legs? 

Can She Or Can't She?! 

A Boy Or A Girl?! 

Three Big Farts! 

Feels Like A Baby! 

MasterCard For Men! 

Peeing Bullets! 

Virgin Nuns & Dead Camels! 

The Tiny Penis! 

Sex Or Skiing? 

Oriental Redheads! 

Me Lower Mouth! 

Sex With The Teacher! 

Catholic Birth Control! 

Shooting Your Weiner! 

The Viagra Sunburn! 

Sexy Dentist! 

Too Big Or Too Little?! 

Oh, How I Love Thee! 

Four Perfect Animals! 

How To Lose Weight! 

The Priest's Baby! 

The Castrating Headache! 

International Dating! 

Sexual Repression! 

Can't Get It Up! 

My Brother Is Gay! 

Mating Pigs! 

The Castration! 

The Penis Enlargement! 

A Penis Problem! 

Hormone Trouble! 

A Virgin Again! 

Learning To Speak! 

Having Sex Properly! 

Maybe Hemorrhoids! 

Blondie's Dandruff! 

Lesbian Laughers! 

The Golden Toilet! 

The Sexed-Up Priests! 

Playing Poker! 

Fido Learns To Speak! 

A Good Sport! 

Hand Jobs & Cheese! 

Buy Yourself Some Panties! 

Stuck Up His Ass! 

Saddam Buys A Condom! 

The Outback Virgin! 

Naughty Naughty Quickies! 

Unionized Hookers! 

The Garden Of Eden! 

How To Be A Woman! 

The Bored Husband! 

Go To Work Naked! 

Stand Up To Pee! 

Do What You Desire! 

Want To Swap Partners?! 

Tattoo Your Penis! 

Sex In a Cab? 

Poked & Poked! 

Never Drink 10 Beers! 

Toys & Boys! 

I Gotta Have You! 

A Little Raisin Bread! 

Sex At Your Place! 

Billy Bob Gets Deflowered! 

The Sexy Hitchhiker! 

The Blonde's New Vibrator! 

Widow Whoopie! 

A Glass Of Cider?! 

Wanna See My Undies? 

The Moral Of The Story! 

Mutual Orgasm! 

Butthole Of The World! 

In & Out Of The Brothel! 

Sexy Truths! 

I'm A Lawyer! 

Too Much Sex? 

Granny & The Frog! 

Deacon At The Nudist Colony! 

Your Daughter's Pregnant! 

Giving More Than 100%! 

The Sexy Cow! 

A Good Date! 

The Mating Dogs! 

In Love With His Horse! 

Granny & The Biker! 

Ode To A Farter! 

A Blonde At Sea! 

You Should Be Hung! 

What's Wrong, Doc?! 

I'd Do Anything! 

A Modern-Day Princess! 

The Naughty Doctor! 

The Poor, Horny Husband! 

The Short, Pink Nightie! 

The Priest's Smut! 

The Nosy Little Girl! 

Sexual Math! 

The Moron IQ Test! 

The Shame & The Glory! 

Just One Good Pee! 

Making Babies! 

Would You Like A Drink?! 

Big People Words! 

The Unusual Tattoo! 

Arty Farty Is Pissed Off! 

The Big Lay Off! 

The Musical Butthole! 

Kiss It! 

Foxy Old Rooster! 

The String Bikini! 

Eating Bananas! 

Boys At The Brothel! 

Masturbators Of America! 

The Blonde & The Indian! 

The Rubber Glove! 

Bending Your Boner! 

Farting Dixie! 

Your Hair Smells Good! 

A Rope & Two Knots! 

The Old Pecker! 

Condoms For Every Man! 

Two Happy Holes! 

Deciphering Personal Ads! 

A Drink For A Douche Bag! 

Unzip Your Pants! 

Extreme Sexual Exhaustion! 

A Woman's Ultimate Fantasy! 

Business Sucks! 

Discovering Ultimate Joy! 

Hookers & Holes! 

A Prayer For The Stressed! 

World's Oldest Virgin! 

Secrets Of Chinese Medicine! 

Naughty Limericks Part 1! 

Coffee, Tea Or Me?

Sex, Transvestites & Viagra!

The New Orgasm Implant!

Does She Want Sex?

Pumping The Plumber!

More Ultra Rednecks!

Fartin' On The Bus!

The Queen's Chastity Belt!

Strokin' The Totem Pole!

Inserting The Suppository!

His Weenie Turned Orange!

Law Can Be So Dirty!

A Blonde Fools Around!

Rednecks Are So Redneck!

You Need More Tail!

Shopping In Alabama!

Sex On A Deserted Island!

Stark Naked Grannies!

Doing Her New Boyfriend!

Do You Feel Safer?!

Pecking Woodpeckers!

The Botched Vasectomy!

The Lion Tamer!


A Sexual Marathon!

Penis In A Vice!

The Problem With Sexual Tension!

The $1000 Hooker!

The Pope Is Puzzled!

Is PMS In The Bible?!

The Queen Or The Pope?!

Bills Up The Butt!

Words By Sex!

Smoking, Drinking & Motels!

Personal Ad Secrets!

The Sex Contest

Hard As A Rock

The Gigantic Eye

Weigh The Pig

Need A Piece Of Ass?

Penis Length Test

Her Flap Reduction

I'm Not Hungry

Don't Mess With Old Farts

Naked Then & Now

Slam Bam Quickies

Grandpa's Sperm Count

Robbing The Sperm Bank

Her Thorough Check-Up

Put A Finger In

Open Your Robe

Dreaming Of Hand Jobs

The Dick Auction

She Passed Out

The Expensive Putter

Dam Fish For Sale

Three Horny Brides


Deadly Pickup Lines

Anniversary Gifts

Hold My Manhood

Guitars Vs Women I

Guitars Vs Women II

Vibrators Vs. Men

Why Men Like Head

Don't Drink The Water

The Stubborn Camel

Milking It

Swedish Hugs & Kisses

Penis On The Wall

Anybody Can Fart

Keep That Motor Running

Rubber Flubber

Little Johnny's A Triplet

What Does "Dick" Mean?

Naket In The Closet

Nuts & Nature!

Breast Implants & Viagra!

Truckin' & Jerkin'! 

She Farted In His Bed!

Cuke, Pickle & Penis!

The Permanent Boner!

Dirty Pictures!

The Rooster & The Cat! 

Me Mudder!

The Penis Tax!

The Whorehouse Doors!

Poor Horny Hubby!

Two-Bit Whore! 

Honeymoon Horrors!

Naughty Presidents!

Slutty Chicken Farmer!

Smiling For Sex!

War-Wounded Wee-Wees!

It's That Time Of Month!

Dirty Little Jokes!

Smart Little Suzuki!

The Frustrated Newscaster!

The Smallest Penis Ever!

Pot & Castration!

Slapped & Screwed!

Martian Sex!

Sexy Dragon!

Hand Jobs & Sandwiches!

A Sad Little Story!

Fred's Dingaling!

Super Sex!

Medieval Pick-Up Lines!

Painting Penises!

Beer & Manure!

Clinton & The Taliban!

Comments On Sex!

A 50 Year Negligee!

Doing It Like A Doggy!

A 12-Inch Bic!

The Longest One Ever Seen!

Sex On TV!

Kissing & Stripping!

Too Old For The Whorehouse!

Bowling At The Strip Club!

Sex Vs. Dancing!

Halloween Fig Leaves!

High Tech Nakedness!

Powdering My Nose!

Honeymoon Surprises!

Trick-Or-Treating Or Sex?

Horny Halloween Party!

50 Years Of Bad Sex!

The Rodeo Position!

Backyard Nookie!

Nasty Halloween Costumes!

Too Much Testosterone!

Loose Grips & Extra Strokes

Three Pound Testicles!

Really Long Cucumbers!

Horny Haircuts!

If God Were A Woman

Up The Dog's Butt!

The Best Tequila Ever!

Massive Internal Fart!

Boob Job In 30 Minutes!

Liquid Viagra

Big Feet, Big Willy?

Sex International!

Shy & Virginal!

A French Penis?

Living Life Backwards

Viagra Killed His Appetite

Doctors Doin' The Dirty!

Jewish Samurai!

The Redneck's Blue Privates!

No Good In Bed!

Moods Of A Woman!

Little Johnny Gets An Eyeful!

Women Vs. Cars!

Pubic Grass?!

Sex & Fishing!

A Woman's Ultimate Fantasy!

Sex During Breakfast!

Three Dumb Hillbillies!

Baseball Sex!

Who's The Father?

Old Farts & Body Piercing!

Naked On The Freeway!

Women Won't Way Say That!

Boy Parts & Girl Parts!

Sleep With Tom Cruise?

Your Sexual Identity Revealed!

A New Use For Viagra!

Nuns & Wieners!

Banging & Bicycles!

Kinky In Arkansas!

Viagra Side Effects!

Where Did I Come From?

Women Need Me!

Is Sex Work Or Play?

Sex: Swedish Style!

Men Are Morons!

To Die During Sex

By The Balls!

Pissed In His Ear!

An Orgasmic Yell!

Every Kind Of Breasts! 

An Animal In Bed! 

Golf & Great Sex! 

Stinky Smart Pills! 

Dropping His Drawers! 

The Boob Poem! 

Your Fly Is Open! 

Fondling For Chocolate! 

The Horse's Ass 

Bitchy Homework 

Redneck Barbie! 

Is He Stiff Yet? 

The Ugliest Hooker In Town! 

Proper Manners In Bed 

The Crappy Cajun 

Sex & Drinking! 

What's In Your Panty Hose? 

The Penis Study 

The Mailman's Sexy Gift! 

Severe Sexual Problems! 

Naughty Nursery Rhymes! 

I Was Sexually Harassed! 

Sex With Tiger Woods? 

Sex Laws Around The World! 

Can't Get It Up! 

Two Men & A Woman! 

I Cannot See, I Cannot Pee! 

Oh Crap! 

The Go-Go Dancer! 

What's In Your Pants? 

What Women & Men Really Want! 

Fondling & Facelifts! 

One Extra Kinky Dream! 

The Birds & The Bees? 

Buttholes At Work! 

Rednecks Getting Horny! 

To Be Rich & Gorgeous! 

Doing It Doggy-Style 

Put Your Hand In My Pocket! 

A Very Dirty Mind! 

Super Spicy One-Liners! 

Just A Little Gas! 

Pissed Off & Kicking! 

No More Free Sex!

One Sexy Butt? 

The New Penis Tax! 

Spicy Chinese Proverbs! 

Zip Up Your Fly, Sir! 

The Italian Honeymoon!

Happy In The Bedroom? 

He Said... She Said... 

Grandpa's Getting Stiff! 

What A Beautiful Rack! 

Down Goes The Zipper!

Money Out His Ass! 

Your Dirty Little Mind! 

All The Right Equipment! 

It's Huge! It's Huge! 

George W. Wants A Quickie!

No Sex, No Penis! 

In The Ladies Room! 

Three Horny Honeymoons! 

This Is Really Hot! 

Miss Bea & Her Condom!

In All His Naked Glory! 

Generic Viagra! 

Outrageous Quotes! 

Mom, I'm Gay! 

Honey-Bunny Love!

A Wet, Naked Woman! 

Very Naughty Quickies! 

Put Your Clothes Back On! 

The Naked Blonde Cowboy! 

Presidential Pee-Pee!

Smell My Finger, Redneck! 

Protect Your Willy! 

The Man Test! 

Two Grannies & The Naked Man! 

Doing It Cajun-Style!

God Touched Her Fat Ass! 

What's Up His Ass? 

Granny & The Playboy Channel! 

Like A Cow's Butt! 

Bras & Butts Etc.

Dirty Sign Language! 

Fix The Outhouse, Pa! 

Are You A B.I.T.C.H.? 

Martinis In The Pulpit! 

Rocking Chair Sex! 

Little Johnny's Dirty Drawings!

Naughty Nursing! 

The Blonde Will Do Anything! 

My #/?&% Friend! 

Trouser Snake! 

Pull Down Your Pants!

Mary's Bad Body Odor! 

Stripping At The Mall! 

Grab My Breasts! 

Crotch Shot! 

The Blonde's Gonna Crash!

Gonorrhea Or Diarrhea? 

Warming Up His Body Parts 

Religious Bras! 

Too Much Ex-Lax! 

Sexually Extroverted! 

Penis Or The Brain?

Dying For Sex! 

Grandpa Gets Oral! 

First Day At The Nudist Club! 

Naked Handstands! 

Clinton & The Anagram

Sally Gets Kinky

What's Under The Sheet? 

Hung Like A Baby

The Blonde's Skin Flick 

The Meanest, Toughest Hooker! 

New Madam, New Whores

Rolling On Top Of Her! 

Sniffing Fifi Up! 

You're A Jackass! 

Son Of A Beech!

Sex Until You Die 

Feel My Woody! 

Bush Vs. Gore! 

Screw The New Blonde!

Her First Time! 

The Naked Marathon 

I'll Hump Anything! 

Viagra: The Sequel

Exposing Her Privates! 

Rubbing Up Against Her 

The Vibrating Husband! 

Who's Worst In Bed?

Fridays In Hell 

What's Victoria's Secret? 

The Priest Lost His Cock! 

I Don't Get No Respect!

Unusually Well Endowed 

The Best Lay In Town 

I Wanna Be A Hooker!

Kiss Me, Doctor!

That Pisses Me Off!

The Smell Of A Woman

The Perfect Boyfriend!

How To Get Even!

What Size Would You Like? 

The Carnival Screw!

She Missed Her Period!

That Sure Sounds Dirty!

Thinking With Your Groin! 

Red Riding Hood's Revenge

Two Long Legs

What's In Your Hand?

Pass The Penis! 

The Gay Flight Attendant

Fartin' Around!

Toothless Redneck Hookers!

He & She Got Laid! 

Balls, Shafts & Threesomes

What's Clogging Your Toilet?

Hubby Goes Tampon Shopping!

Mouse Balls 

Who's In Charge?

Viagra Or Ben Gay?

Sex & Horny Mermaids

Little Johnny's So Nasty! 

Balls With Pretty Ribbons


Sex Change & Short Changed

Penis, Peter, Dickey 

The Sperm Count

Sin On Your Knees

Farts & Elephants

If Men Had A Vagina 

Twinkies & Ta-Ta's!

What Size Condom?

Granny's A Contortionist!

Sexy Quickies! 

Teeny Tiny Titties!

A Big Smile On His Face

Sex Manual For PC Experts

If Women Had A Penis 

Granny's Box Of Condoms

Beat Me! Whip Me!

Your Brain On Drugs

Viagra: Home Of The Whopper! 

Plane Sex

Horton Hires A Ho!

Blonde Between The Sheets

Raising The Penis!

Horny One-Liners! 

Hillbilly Honeymoon

Nuns In Transylvania

The Art Of Taking A Pee 

My Very First Time Ever!

Granny's A Hooker?!

Pigs In Sh*t!

Fat Ass, Dumb Ass! 

Boobs In The Bushes

Ding Dong Dickie

Mousy Sex Maniac

Bitchy Bumper Stickers

Bears, Bars & Bitches

Nose Pickin' & Nuts

Rednecks Choke The Chicken! 

A Raunchy Riddle! 

Sexual Tension Quiz

Kissing Her Crotch

Penis Compulsion!

Yo' Momma So Fat... 

The Broad's A Nympho!

Her Bush Was Shaved! 

The Honeymoon Is Over!

Sexy Sexy One-Liners! 

Voodoo Penis 

Still A Virgin? 

The Condom Counter

The Bobbitt Hillbillies

The Name Of Your Penis

Redneck Toilet Paper

Clinton Is A Big Weenie! 

Sex & Photography 

One Big A**hole!

Super Sex

Balls & Buttercups 

Peggy Sue Likes To Screw! 

Salvation Between His Legs

A Hooker's Tax Return

Feeling Up Granny 

Driving Miss Daisy

Firm It Up, Honey!

To Screw Or Not To Screw

Women's Nine Favorite Men 

Doin' It In The Shower

Overdosing On Viagra!

Penis Or Venus?

Heavenly Hookers

The Geezer's Horny Honeymoon

Sexy Secretaries & Boy Toys

Horny Hostages?

A New Use For Crisco

In Bed With Three Women

Don't Play With Your Pee!

An Ass In Hell

Do It Every Day!

The Perfect Wife

Boots & Boners!

Finish Off With An Orgasm

How To Give A Handjob

Granny's Having Sex?!

Mama's Tuna Casserole 

Fantastic Frog Sex

One Helluva Facelift!

Balling Up The Ladder

50 Reasons To Be A Woman!

Doing It In The Dark

The Perfect Man

Healing The Limp & Shriveled

My God, It's Huge!

The First Bitch

To Pea Or Not To Pea

Big Bean Farts

Clinton Quickies

Sex & Nookie

Just One Big Squeeze!

Sex Therapy

You Don't Love Me! 

Clinton Goes To Hell

Viagra Raises The Dead

What Filthy Language!

Dating Vs. Marriage

Going Down On The Dock

Deep Sh*t!

One Big Ass!

Enis Had A Penis

Suckin' On Candy

The End Of His Willie

Blondes Do It On Friday

Viagra For Grandpa

Sticking It In!

Firemen Do It With Their Hoses

Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?

Best Ass In Town

One Hole Behind

Boppin' For Charity

Midget & The Horse's Behind

Happily Together Again

E-Mail Is Like A Penis

So Clean & Fresh!

Gypsies & G-Spots

A Cowboy Meets A Lesbian

Little Rascally Dictation

Super Duper Pooper Scooper

Wanna Fock?

The Ol' In & Out

Big Johnson Gets A Tan

Eating A Little Red Meat

Football Fartin'

Redneck Romance

Oh Sh*t!

A Smoke After Sex

I Need A Man Now!

Brand-Name Rubbers

Breast Is Best

Whip Me, Big Boy!

It's Dark In Here, Isn't It?

Wifey's Warm Spot

Open Wide, Sister!

Drilling The Right Hole

Fire In The Furnace?

Limp & Shriveled

Shaggin' Like Never Before

Give The Blonde A Hundred!

We're Going To Pump You Up!

Totally Obsessed With...

Going Down French-Style

Biker Mama

How To Catch Chicks

The Bigger They Are...

Big Stick Did The Trick

The Politics of Screwing Around


The Hippie & The Nun Get It On

Bridal Suite, Anyone?

Which Way Is It Hanging?

A Thorny Horny Rendez-Vous

The Blonde's A Golf Swinger!

The Naked Gardener

An Exceptional Lover

I Comma Again Then Pee-Pee

Screw The Men, Kill The Women

A Pluck Before The Poke

Bust My Ass!

A Leg Or A Rib?

Do You Like Pussycats?

Head, Heart & Penis

How Yodeling Was Invented

Big Boobs

Three Coins In The Toilet

Jackknives & Breast Strokes

The Old Fart & The Vixen

Hooters In The Courtroom

Like Lawyer Like Dog

Embarrassment At The Bar

Bigger In Texas

The Wrong Bitch

Helga & The Barkeep


Scratch My Ass

The Lone Ranger Is Hung

A Muff In Mourning

Hot Sex or Success?

A Useful 8 Inch Tool

Red Hot Penis

A Hairy Foot And A Half

Hot Hot Hooters

Farts & Fishin' Poles

Buggy Boppin'

Small Ones & Hot Ones

Bedroom Golf

A Cocky Cockney

Why Chocolate's Better Than Sex

The Tight Old Bitty

Son Of A #/@&!!!

Viagra Virus Alert

High Flyin' Farts

Humpin' For Hardware

Just One Little Poot!

Puckered After The Poke

The Well Ain't Free To Pump!

Men Are Like...

Getting Your Unit To Grow

Zodiac Condoms

Granny's Crotchless Panties

Napkins In The Bathroom?

Women's Vs. Men's English

I'm Glad I'm A Man! (A Woman!)

Gloves Or Panties?

Naked Men Have Feelings, Too! 

Breast, Butt, Crotch

You Don't Know Jack Schitt?

Crotch Shot

A Purty Redneck Poem

A Bun In The Oven 

How's It Hanging, Granny?

To Us Girls... 

Naughty License Plate!

Viagra & The Tooth Fairy?

Get Out Of Bed!

Crawl Back In Bed!

Men & Women, Celeb-Style!

Prayer For The Perfect Man!

Lorena Bobbitt's Sister!

An Afternoon Quickie!

His Wife Did His Best Friend!

Bulls & Balls!

Pinocchio's Peter!

Sex & The Nun!

The Blonde In The BMW!

Her Splintered Crotch!

The Horny Parrot

A Cork In Your Ass!

Happy Butt!

A Delicious Offer?!

A Lewd Nude!

The Breast Exam!

Bawdy Baptists!

Three Cold Eskimos!

Shooting A The Wrong Time!

Bin Laden Q&A!

Tiggy's Stock Tips!

Double Martinis & Fertility!

Milking Bessie!

Where Do Babies Come Out?

Toilet Dunking!

Sliding Right In!

Screwed To Death!

The Other Woman!

Partied Too Much!

Two Girls At Once!

Women, Stars & Fish!

If You Can Catch Me...

Tasty Sex Therapy!

One Skilled Gynecologist!


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